Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Example Paper to Edit

This paper was offered on the Moodle as a sample paper to edit. I am not sure where it is suppose to be uploaded so I will post it here.

April 18, 2006

Statement of Purpose

I knew since tenth grade that I wanted to make an impact in adolescent’s lives. My middle and high school years were the hardest time of my life – I was changing and growing in so many different ways. My teachers became the positive role models in my life and pushed me to grow into the woman I am today. I value those teachers immensely and hope that one day I can become a positive role model for my students. My motivation to teach was present at the beginning of my program at the University of Vermont. Through my experiences within the program, tutoring at Edmunds Middle School, interning at a Burlington High School, the interaction with students continued to increase my drive. As I was working in both of these schools I began to realize how complex it is to teach students. I was a tutor at Edmunds Middle School which helped me learn how to build one – on – one relationships with students and to match meaningful strategies with a student’s personal needs. In Burlington High School, I was placed in a Special Education Resource Room, an English college prep and honors class, and an ESL classroom. Working with students at various levels helped me to appreciate students’ differences and challenges which take on all shapes and sizes. I wanted to learn through my courses effective teaching methods and strategies that would help mold my personal teaching style and philosophy. I wanted to match my natural drive with knowledge of the content area as well as with effective teaching methods. Throughout my time at the University I have begun to build my own teaching knowledge base that I am excited to incorporate into any classroom I am involved with.

Since the track changes are not visible, the edits are hard to see. I am sorry about that.

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