Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beginning to Construct a Research Paper

In this week's readings, Swales and Freak talk about how to construct a research paper. They provide the IMRD outline. A writer should start with an introduction, then explain what methods will be used to acquire data, then present the results, and then discuss what repercussions the results have upon the research questions poised.
The authors explain that the writers of a research paper operate in a strategic manner. They want to begin by asking sufficiently interesting questions. The questions need to be answerable in a way that will satisfy the reader. The research paper needs to be competitive with current research. Thus, a writer needs to be familiar with the research that is current.
I will sketch a draft of my paper.
Introduction - I am observing a language club in Korea. The majority of the people in the club are highly motivated. My research questions are the following: What kind of motivation drives these people? Why is it that they are so driven?
Methods - I am creating an ethnography of a language club in Korea by 'participant observation.' This means that I attend the club as a member. I observe the other members and I ask them questions.
Results - The results that I have accumulated indicate that the club members are highly educated and they have a lot of intrinsic motivation. Research indicates that intrinsic motivation is the best motivation to have because it is self-sustaining. Therefore, it persists for a long time and it leads to the best results.
Discussion - Why are the people in the group so successful? If someone is willing to learn another language then chances are that they are open-minded and inquisitive. This desire acts as a filter for the group members as those that attend the club continue to strive to improve their language skills and accomplish their career goals.
Korea has four seasons so people here need to prepare for the winter season. To survive they must have enough kimchi so that they do not starve throughout the cold months. This requires planning and preparation. Therefore, Koreans are driven.
There is also a long history of education being revered in Korea. From the time of Confucius, state tests were used to determine who got the lucrative government jobs. Therefore, studying hard is very much a part of Korean tradition.
This was a rough sketch of my paper.

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